Speyer & Rudesheim


On our third full day aboard the Viking Lofn, the ship dropped us off at Speyer, Germany, and sailed on without us. Never fear! We were bused to Worms to meet the ship before we resumed sailing up the Rhine.

Our tour of Speyer, a UNESCO heritage site, began with a walk around the Romanesque cathedral, built in 1030, followed by a stroll through the old town. Speyer is a charming town, with flowers in the window boxes and some homes decorated for Easter.

We ended our Saturday morning at the Jewish museum, considered the cradle of Ashkenazi Jews. The Speyer ShUM community began in 1084 and lasted about 400 years. The guide told us there are less than 150 Jews in Speyer today, many refugees from Eastern Europe. It was a moving visit that took our 45 minutes of free time.

We caught up with the ship in Worms, though we did not see any of that city. During the afternoon, we were able to visit the bridge. It was very interesting to see how the ship navigates those narrow rivers!

We sailed on to Rudesheim, arriving at 6 pm. We were among the first people off the ship, but sadly, we did not find much to see in this little town. We were back on the ship before dark, in time for our dinner in the Aquavit Terrace. By the way, as we left the ship three couples were returning by cab. Apparently they missed the bus in Speyer. The ship had a schedule to keep!

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