Middle Rhine


The Viking Lofn left Rudesheim at 9 am and sailed up the middle Rhine. We started out on the top deck, but it was windy and cold — even though I was wearing a heavy coat. So we moved down to the lounge, and I popped out on the third floor balconies when I needed to take a photo.

The scenery was breathtaking! But I still can’t tell which castle is which.

We arrived at Koblenz around lunchtime. Instead of the Koblenz walking tour, we took Viking’s optional trip to Ehrenbreitstein (erin-BRIGHT-stine) Fortress. Our guide was an actor who took us back in time to the 1800s and outlined the strategy for Europe’s largest fortress, which sits 400 feet above the confluence of the Rhine and Moselle rivers. The view is fantastic! I highly recommend this tour.

To get up to the fortress on the other side of the Rhine, we took a cable car. My husband is no fan of heights but he managed just fine. He is, however, a history buff, and he was very interested in the tour, which took over an hour. We had a little free time or we could split off from the group. We elected to come back, put our feet up for a few minutes, and then walk over to St. Kastor’s Basilica (because my history buff can’t resist a site that dates to 400-500 AD).

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