We are in Basel! We had time to grab a late lunch and join our Viking hostess Julia as she gave us an introduction to the tram system. Tomorrow we have a walking tour of Old Town, but for now these weary travelers are going to get some rest.


Our first full day in Basel on our pre-cruise extension included a two-hour walking tour through Old Town with our Viking hostess Julie. Afterward, she guided us to the Walliser Kanne restaurant, where we ate cheese fondue and drank wine until we just couldn’t eat or drink any more. So far, it’s been a wonderful start to our Rhine Getaway, which officially begins tomorrow afternoon. The weather is sunny with a high in the low 60s — perfect for exploring!


We were on our own for our second and last day in Basel. After breakfast, Dennis and I walked to the lovely St. Albans area to visit the Paper Mill Museum. We each made a sheet of paper in a mill that’s hundreds of years old. As former journalists, we really enjoyed the history lesson.

From the museum, we headed to a restaurant recommended by our Viking hostess Julia. At Gifthultti, we had the potato rosti, a Basel specialty, along with a great pint of beer. More walking along the Rhine, and we arrived at the Viking Lofn — our home for the next eight days. We were shown to our room, did a “spit” test and answered a health survey, but then we were free to go to the restaurant for dessert. People were sitting together at tables, which I found a little surprising since our tests haven’t come back yet. We are asked to remain masked except when eating or drinking.

We dropped in on the wine tasting at 4, the welcome aboard talk at 6:15 and the safety check at 7. We avoided the dining room, where there were no tables for two, and ate in the Aquavit Terrace instead. Tomorrow, buses leave at 8:30 am. I’m so glad we arrived two days early so we could acclimate to Basel time.

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