Our day ended with a rainbow over Liverpool

My husband, Dennis, often sends us on a "D-Tour."

We take the path less traveled. We follow our nose. And the result? These detours help us connect with the people, culture and history of each place we visit.

That's how we travel. That's also why we travel — and why we share our travel diaries.

road trips...

Imagine driving nearly 5,000 miles through the Western U.S. with dog as your co-pilot. That was our summer D-Tour — a round-trip roadtrip from Sacramento to Memphis in July-August, 2023.

We took our time, dividing each trip into seven days and planning lots of dog-friendly stops along the way. We took a profound walk through the historic Greenwood District in Tulsa, OK. We stopped at the geological center of the 48 contiguous states. We saw the World's Largest Czech Egg. 

Follow our travel diaries and iPhone photos, and D-Tour through the West right along with us.

river and ocean cruises..

Since July 2021, Dennis and I have tried to make up for lost travel time.

Our first post-Covid trip was a Viking cruise on the Rhone River, followed in March 2022 with one on the Rhine. Since then, we've made four ocean voyages: the British Isles with Princess Cruises; Mexico with the Holland America Line; Italy, the Adriatic and Greece with Viking Ocean; and Bermuda, Charleston and Newport with Celebrity Cruises. 

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